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What are 360 Virtual Tours?

360 virtual tours use cutting-edge technology to create a fully immersive viewing experience.

Ideal for galleries, museums, and independent artists, these tours enable art lovers to explore exhibitions in breathtaking detail from the comfort of their home or on the go. 360 Virtual Tours create a new dimension of accessibility and engagement.

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Discover how interactive tags and multimedia elements can transform the way you exhibit to worldwide audience.

Why 360 Virtual Tours for Art Exhibitions?

Embrace the future of art showcasing with virtual tours that expand your reach, enhance visitor engagement, and offer unparalleled accessibility.

Extend your exhibition’s reach beyond geographical limitations, attracting art enthusiasts from around the world.

Make your art accessible 24/7, allowing visitors to enjoy your exhibitions outside of standard opening hours.

Interactive tags and multimedia features enrich visitor experience, offering deeper insights into artworks and artists.

Archive exhibitions digitally for future reference, educational purposes, or online retrospectives.

How it Works

Our process begins with a comprehensive consultation where we discuss your Art Exhibition, locations, size, specific needs, the scope of the tour, and your overall goals.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, our professional photographers capture high-resolution 360-degree panoramic images of your exhibition. This step is meticulously planned to ensure optimal lighting and minimal disruption, capturing your artworks in the most visually appealing way possible.

After photography, our team integrates interactive elements into your virtual tour. This includes clickable information hotspots that offer detailed descriptions, audio guides, and even direct links for purchasing artworks. 

Once the virtual tour goes live, you can start sharing it with the world, embed it on your website, add it to your social media profile, and share it with Art Lovers by message.

All in less than 10 days!

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Success in Action: Real-World Virtual Tours

Discover how leading galleries and artists have transformed their visitor engagement and operational success with our 360 virtual tours. Explore 360 Virtual Tours of Art exhibitions that are accessible forever by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Real Stories from Exhibitors

The 360 Virtual Tours helped me reach art lovers far beyond the physical location of my art exhibition. I was able to send it to all those who could not attend in person.

Many of my friends could not attend my art exhibition. The link that was create by oVRworldwide helped me keep a digital version my exhibition even after it ended and send it to all those who cold not attend. It’s been more than a year and i can still virtually visit the exhibition and explore it. “

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 360 virtual tour?

A 360 virtual tour is a digital representation that allows viewers to navigate and explore a space remotely as if they were physically there. It uses panoramic photography, video, and software to create a comprehensive, interactive experience.

How do 360 virtual tours enhance visitor experiences at art exhibitions?

Virtual tours allow art enthusiasts to explore exhibitions at their own pace and convenience, from anywhere in the world. Interactive elements can provide deeper insights into artworks, artist backgrounds, and techniques, enhancing educational value and engagement.

What technology is used to create a 360 virtual tour of an art exhibition?

We use high-definition cameras and specialized software to stitch together panoramic images into a seamless virtual experience. The technology includes VR compatibility for more immersive viewing on devices like Oculus, HTC Vive, or Google Cardboard.

Can viewers interact with the art pieces during the virtual tour?

Yes, viewers can interact with artworks through clickable hotspots that provide detailed information, audio descriptions, video documentaries, and links to related works or artist interviews.

How long does it take to create a 360 virtual tour of an exhibition?

The time required can vary depending on the size and complexity of the exhibition but generally ranges from a few days to several weeks from initial photography to final implementation.

What is required from us to get started with a 360 virtual tour?

We would need access to your exhibition space to conduct photography and gather information about the artworks. Additionally, any details about specific focal points or stories you want emphasized in the tour would be helpful.

How much does it cost to create a 360 virtual tour for an art exhibition?

Costs can vary based on the size of the exhibition space and the level of interactivity required. We offer customizable packages and would be happy to provide a detailed quote based on your specific needs.

Is the virtual tour accessible on all devices?

Yes, our virtual tours are designed to be compatible with PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, ensuring accessibility from various devices without requiring special hardware.

How do we promote our virtual tour once it's ready?

Promoting your virtual tour can be done through various channels. We recommend integrating it on your website, sharing it on social media platforms, and including it in email newsletters. Additionally, leveraging SEO practices to enhance visibility and creating virtual event invitations can also drive significant traffic and engagement.

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