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Transform Your Museum into a Global Virtual Experience

Our 360 virtual tours allow museums to open their doors to a global audience, making educational resources and cultural heritage accessible from anywhere. These digital experiences are crafted to preserve and present your museum’s collections in meticulous detail, offering an immersive, interactive learning environment for visitors of all ages.

Sample a Museum 360 Virtual Tour

Navigate through an interactive 360 Virtual Tour of a museum, complete with multimedia descriptions and educational tools, and see how virtual accessibility can transform visitor experiences.

Virtual Tours: Expanding Access and Enriching Education

360 virtual tours dramatically expand your museum’s reach, enabling global access to your exhibits anytime. These tours enhance educational value through interactive features like zoomable images and embedded videos, making learning both engaging and accessible. Virtual tours not only boost online visibility but also encourage more physical visits, providing a compelling preview to potential visitors. They also serve as a digital archive, preserving exhibits for future reference and educational purposes.

Our virtual tours eliminate geographical barriers, enabling international access to your museum, which increases global educational outreach and visitor footfall.

Make your collections available beyond traditional opening hours, accommodating scholars and visitors across different time zones.

Incorporate rich educational content such as videos, high-resolution images, and detailed historical contexts directly into the virtual tour, providing a deeper learning experience.

Virtual tours serve as a preview that can entice visitors to experience the museum in person, boosting physical visitation.

How it Works

Our process involves planning, detailed photographic capture, interactive feature integration, and a final review before launching your museum’s customized virtual tour.

Our team collaborates with your museum staff to plan the digitization of each exhibit. We discuss key narratives, important exhibits, and any specific areas of the museum that should be highlighted or excluded.

We meticulously photograph all public areas and selected exhibits using advanced 360-degree cameras. This step is carefully scheduled to minimize disruption and ensure optimal lighting conditions.

Our experts integrate interactive elements, such as clickable information points, audio descriptions, and embedded documentaries, to enhance the educational value of the tour.

We conduct a thorough review with your team, implement any requested security measures such as password-protected areas, and ensure the virtual tour meets your satisfaction before going live.

All in less than 30 days!

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Success Stories: Museums Transformed by Virtual Tours

Explore museums around the world that have increased their visibility and visitor engagement through our virtual tours.

Hear from Our Partners

Museum curators and administrators share their experiences with our virtual tours.

“The virtual tour has been a revelation, allowing us to reach audiences we never could before. It’s like opening our doors to the world 24/7.”

Thomas M., Curator

“Our visitor numbers have grown both online and in-person. The virtual tour serves as a perfect teaser that draws more visitors to our physical space.”

Clarisse M., Director

“Scholars and students from around the globe now regularly access our exhibits online, greatly enhancing our educational mission.”

Karl H., Administrator

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Frequently Asked Questions

What technology is used in creating a virtual museum tour?

We utilize advanced 360-degree cameras and specialized software to stitch together high-quality panoramic images, creating immersive and interactive virtual tours.

Can visitors interact with the exhibits in the virtual tour?

Yes, visitors can interact with exhibits through clickable hotspots that provide detailed descriptions, audio narrations, and links to additional resources, enhancing the educational experience.

How long does it take to create a complete virtual tour of a museum?

The timeline varies based on the museum’s size and complexity of the exhibits, but typically, creating a complete virtual tour takes between 4 to 8 weeks.

Are there options for languages other than English in the virtual tours?

Absolutely, we can include multiple language options in the virtual tour to cater to a diverse global audience, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity.

Can specific areas of the museum be excluded from the virtual tour?

Yes, we can exclude any areas or exhibits from the virtual tour as per the museum’s request for privacy, security, or other considerations.

How do we manage access to sensitive or restricted content?

We offer password-protected access for sensitive or restricted content, allowing museums to control who can view certain parts of the tour.

What are the costs associated with creating a museum virtual tour?

Costs depend on the scope and features of the project. We provide custom quotes after an initial assessment, considering factors like the size of the museum and desired interactive elements.

How can we update the virtual tour in the future?

We offer ongoing support and updates as needed. Museums can schedule updates to their virtual tour to add new exhibits, seasonal displays, or make other changes.

Is special equipment needed to view the virtual tour?

No special equipment is needed. The virtual tour can be viewed on standard web browsers across devices including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

How do we promote our virtual museum tour once it is live?

Promote the virtual tour through your museum’s website, social media, newsletters, and partnerships. Utilizing SEO strategies and digital marketing can also significantly increase visibility and engagement.

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