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Discover a new way to experience educational environments through our immersive virtual tours, designed to showcase your institution’s facilities and campus life vividly.

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Why Virtual Tours Matter for Education Centers

360 virtual tours offer prospective students and parents a unique, interactive way to explore educational facilities from anywhere in the world, enhancing transparency and trust.

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Advantages of Implementing Virtual Tours in Education

Virtual tours can transform how educational institutions engage with prospective students and the community.

Provide prospective students a real feel of campus life and facilities, significantly aiding in recruitment efforts.

Make your educational facilities accessible to international students and those who cannot visit in person.

Incorporate interactive elements like video lectures or quizzes to make virtual campus tours educational as well as promotional.

Virtual tours reduce the need for physical travel, supporting your institution’s sustainability goals.

Engage students and parents longer on your website with interactive and immersive tour features, increasing their interest and time spent exploring your institution.

How We Create Engaging Educational Virtual Tours

From planning to launch, our streamlined process ensures a high-quality virtual tour with minimal disruption.

We start with understanding your institution’s key features and what you want to highlight in the tour.

Our team captures 360-degree photos and videos of your campuses, ensuring every significant aspect is included.

We integrate educational content, including clickable hotspots for more detailed information, videos, and more.

After a comprehensive review and your approval, we integrate the virtual tour into your institution’s website and marketing platforms.

All in less than 30 days!

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Our Virtual Tours in Action

Read case studies of how our virtual tours have helped educational institutions worldwide enhance their visibility and student engagement.


What Are They Saying

Hear it from key personnels in the education industry.

“The virtual tour has become a cornerstone of our marketing. It’s helped increase our applicant numbers significantly.”

University Admissions Officer

“Our school’s virtual tour has helped parents and students feel confident in choosing us, even from abroad.”

School Principal

“This virtual tour is a fantastic tool for our outreach, helping us engage with prospective students in a meaningful way.”

Kindergarten Director

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do virtual tours enhance student recruitment?

Virtual tours give potential students a detailed look at your campus and facilities, making them more likely to choose your institution by providing a sense of place and belonging before they apply.

Can virtual tours be accessed globally?

Yes, our virtual tours are hosted online, making them accessible to prospective students and parents worldwide, 24/7, without the need for travel or physical visits.

What features can be highlighted in a virtual tour for a university?

We can highlight lecture halls, libraries, sports facilities, student unions, and dorms, with options to include interactive elements like faculty interviews and mini-lectures.

How can a virtual tour integrate with our institution's existing digital marketing strategy?

A virtual tour can enhance your existing digital marketing by providing an engaging content piece that increases website dwell time, improves SEO, and can be easily shared across social platforms and email campaigns.

Are virtual tours beneficial for smaller educational institutions like kindergartens?

Absolutely, virtual tours allow smaller institutions to showcase their unique environments and educational philosophies to local and relocating families, making them essential tools for increasing visibility and enrollment.

How do virtual tours help international students?

Virtual tours provide international students with the opportunity to explore campuses remotely, helping them make informed decisions about their education abroad without the need for travel.

How long does it take to produce a virtual tour from start to finish?

Depending on the size of your campus, the entire process typically takes between a few weeks to a couple of months, from initial planning to the launch of the tour.

Can virtual tours help with staff recruitment?

Virtual tours are excellent tools for staff recruitment, allowing potential hires to explore your facilities and get a sense of the working environment and culture before applying.

How accessible are virtual tours for users with disabilities?

Our virtual tours are designed with accessibility in mind, including features like keyboard navigation, screen reader compatibility, and alternative text for images and videos.

How do we promote our virtual tour to maximize its benefits?

Promote your virtual tour through your website, social media channels, patient newsletters, and local community outreach to maximize visibility and parents engagement.

Can we include live links in our virtual tour to apply for courses or contact departments directly?

Yes, we can embed live links within the tour that direct users to application pages, contact forms, or specific department information, facilitating immediate action from prospective students.

Additional Services to Enhance Your Virtual Tour

Complement your virtual tour with advanced digital solutions tailored to the educational sector.

VIRTUAL STAGING We Make CAD & 3D Designs Alive … We Fill your Empty Spaces Virtual Staging transforms your CAD drawings and 3D rendered images into a hyper-realistic 3D immersive and interactive environment, let you configure your space, and fill your existing physical place with virtually placed elements.


Use virtual staging to simulate future developments or renovations within your educational spaces, helping donors and stakeholders visualize potential changes.

V-LEARNING & GAMIFICATION We Transport you to Real Environments … We Make Learning & Trainings Immersive, Interactive & Effective V-learning transports students and learners to any location of their choice, get them immersed in the environments, and provide an interactive way to learn about things and experience being at any location from the comfort of the student class or the learner office.


Transport students to Real Environments … Teach them in an Immersive, Interactive & Effective way

INTERACTIVE 3D MODELS We Make 3D models Interactive, Filled with Information Our Interactive 3D Models service takes any space, object, or 3D model to another level, making it interactive, informative, shareable, and accessible with a simple click of a link.


Implement interactive 3D models of complex scientific equipment or historical artifacts, providing students with an enriched learning experience.

AUGMENTED REALITY Your Typical Reality … We Augment it and Make it Better Upscale your experience by adding augmented reality to your business. Expand your existing offering with indoor navigation, spatial tags, and other powerful features.


Incorporate AR features that allow students to interact with virtual objects superimposed in real-world campus settings, enhancing learning and engagement.